– does it actually work?

brainfm basically is a subscription based music service.

For around $6.95 a month (or $3.99 if you pay annually!) – you get to listen to music that will help you ‘focus’, ‘relax’ or ‘sleep’ better.

But does it work?

My opinion – NOPE.


Let me clarify that.

It does work.

It helped me concentrate more on my work.

But then I switched over to my normal ‘working’ music – some awesome mixes by MrSuicideSheep.

And they helped me concentrate just as well.

If not better.


I think is a gimmick.

It claims to be backed by science, however, the difference between and any other decent music is negligible.

They even found that in their study, I think…


TBH though, they do have some decent soundtracks, so their free trial wasn’t all bad!

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