So, what are the most powerful magic tricks?


David Blaine with Gates, Kissinger and Bloomberg

Tricks which are on the spur-of-the-moment.

Tricks with regular objects.

Tricks which seem more than just tricks.

My current ‘best’ tricks which fit this category are:

  1. Coins across (based on Garrett Thomas’ amazing work)
  2. Anti-gravity coin
  3. Changing paper to money (based on Richard Sanders’ awesome work)
  4. You think of a card, it’s in my wallet
  5. You pick the card that you name
  6. Cards and coins become magnetic
  7. A card is signed on the front, another signed on the back, somehow they’re the same card
  8. A totally hands-off thing where you name any card, and you find it (inspired by Dani DaOrtiz)
  9. A card visually appears in between 2 holes
  10. The same card, in view the whole time, is the named card