Sorry, but Equivoque is not a good method.


Max Maven

So apologies to Max Maven.

But I’ve been using Equivoque in my magic effects for a long, long time.

I thought it was awesome.

Combined with multiple outs, I thought it was the holy grail.

But I did a performance today.

And it changed my mind.

Sometimes Equivoque can make the trick a LOT less direct.

Sometimes it can be obvi0us to people who have seen it before.

Sometimes it’s just not a great method for very analytical audiences.


That’s just my opinion.

And I’m doing simple Equivoque – e.g. choosing between reds and blacks, or between 2 suits.

I think that perhaps we can make our magic better, by offering a direct choice to the spectator, but then having a really strong method to adapt based on their choices.


I’ve been trying this stuff out over the last year – and I have to say – it’s really improved my magic.

It fools magicians, and gets gasps from laymen.

When the trick becomes:

  1. Name a value
  2. Name a suit
  3. Change your mind if you want
  4. The card is in the wallet / pocket / top of the deck

That’s actually mad.

It takes a trick from being good to being great.

From fooling 80% of the audience, to fooling all of them.

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