A multi-monitor setup is awesome for productivity.

So I got 2 monitors a few months ago.

And I’m loving it.

It’s probably doubled my productivity.

This is my setup at the moment:


Since I took that photo, I’ve replaced the mouse, mousepad and keyboard with something better 🙂

A few awesome uses for a multi-monitor setup:

  1. Comparing stuff from multiple browser windows, or Excel sheets is child’s play.
  2. Copying stuff from one document to another is lols
  3. Watching Youtube / Netflix / Prime while working (a bit dangerous for productivity)
  4. Trading while doing other work (still very dangerous for productivity!)
  5. General trading: can have multiple charts open
  6. Trading the news – have news on one screen, charts on other
  7. Web design: have code editor/Photoshop on one screen, design on the other!
  8. And many more…


And with some LED lights at the back, it looks awesome at night…


(Excuse the cable management)

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