Staying strong when the going gets tough


So right now in my trading, I’m buying dollars.

However, this week, the dollar has gone down.

My trades have gone against me a LOT.

I’m losing a lot of money.


But I’m still holding on to my trades.

I believe in the fact that the dollar will go up.

I’ve done my analysis.

I know my charts.

More importantly, I know myself.


But it’s hard to stay strong, to believe in yourself, when the going gets a little tough.

It’s easy just to give up.

To say – oh no, this is getting a little hard now, time to quit while it’s easy to do so.


I could get out of my trades now, and the pain will go away.

Life will be easy again.

I won’t have the stress of a big loss becoming even bigger.


But this is the exactly point when the BIG wins occur.

If you’re able to get through the tough times,

To believe in yourself when your back is against the wall,

To find a way through and not just give up,

You’ll win.


And not just in trading, but in life too.

I’ve had moments where I thought –

Let’s not do this, this seems too hard. Might as well take the easy route.

But that’s never led to anything good.


It’s the times when I’ve stood strong,

When I took risks,

When I challenged myself to get through the difficult times,

That I’ve made real progress in my life.


That’s just some thoughts 🙂

I’m thinking of this time as an opportunity to do things other than trading.

Then a week or two later, I’ll come back to my trading, and take it from there.

But I won’t just quit.

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