Without risk, there’s no reward.


These days, I’ve really started to believe that to do something awesome,

To achieve something awesome,

You need to take risks.


Now, I’m not saying that we should all go and do some BASE jumping off tall buildings (although I’m sure that’s pretty fun).

But what I am saying is,

Every time we have a choice of playing it safe versus doing something a little outside our comfort zone,

We should just get out of our damn comfort zone and take that risk.


I’m still experimenting with this.

And I’m definitely not the best at it.


But I have found that,

Every time I chose to do something a little risky,

A little daring,

A little brave,

I was always glad I did it.


And it’s mostly just small things too.

Like joining a club for something I’m interested in.

Talking to the person next to me in a queue. Or on the train.

Performing something in front of an audience.

Trying something new and different.


These are tiny things, which aren’t that difficult at all.

But I was surprised what a difference they made.

I met new people.

Learned new skills.

And most importantly, had more fun.


I’m still working on this stuff.

And I always need to remind myself to keep doing it.

To keep taking small risks every day.


But I’ll tell you this,

It’s well worth it.


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