Making websites is hard.


I’m redesigning our e-commerce site at the moment.

I’m finding it so tough!

There are so many things to consider:

  1. Responsive framework across devices
  2. A modern, clean yet unique design
  3. Conversion best practices
  4. Unique value proposition on every page
  5. Provision for offers and important messages
  6. Clear calls to action on every page
  7. Clear newsletter subscription
  8. Delivery countdowns on product pages and basket
  9. Checkout optimisation
  10. Having enough detail on the site, but making it simple to use

I’m going for a simple, clean yet usable approach.

Our previous site was full of content which distracted users from the main focus: conversion.

I hope the new site will make more users convert!

But it’s really made me realise that designing something mediocre is easy.

But redesigning something great is extremely difficult.

It’s the attention to detail that counts.

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